Activated Sludge Process Control

Wed, October 24, 2018 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM PDT

This 1-day seminar will describe the activated sludge process and identify the parameters that can be controlled to produce cost-efficient and reliable compliance with NPDES standards. The course will open with a discussion of the activated sludge process and its various modifications. Process fundamentals and operating techniques based on them will be presented. The seminar will discuss the optimization and automation of process parameters in detail. Traditional and advanced process control and sensor fault detection methods will be presented. Full-scale case studies of optimization and automation of solids residence time, dissolved oxygen concentration, secondary clarifier sludge blanket depth, effluent nutrient concentrations and pump station controls will illustrate how energy and chemical savings, optimization of workload and improvements in plant reliability and effluent water quality can be achieved for a relatively small investment.

Presented by Professor David Jenkins, President, David Jenkins & Associates Inc. and Dr. Alex Ekster, P.E., California Grade V Operator, Principal, Ekster and Associates Inc.

Cost of course includes continental breakfast and box lunch.




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